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Eva naked in the city - 3

Restaurant customers start arriving.
Aicha says to me:
— You should go back behind the bar.
She adds:
— Don’t let customers and their wandering hands annoy you.
— No, of course.
She lowers her voice and adds;
— Unless they give you a big tip.
A hand on the buttocks for a big tip is what I already practice.
I am still troubled by the fact that I am naked but surrounded by dressed people. Especially since my pussy is incredibly sensitive, I must be careful not to graze anything, as Aisha advised. I have the impression that my pussy is twice bigger now and I sometimes look at the beginning of my big lips that protrude obscenely at the top of my slit. My nipples are getting and my lips moist, I mean the lips between my legs.
Quickly I get absorbed by work
An elderly man gives me a big tip and says:
— Thank you for the show.
— The show, sir?
— Your ass is a delight!
Wow! A ‘delight’.
I tell him:
— My ass thanks you from the bottom of its heart for your generosity.
My last comment makes him laugh.
Oh! I have dropped the note he gave me. I have to turn around and lean to pick it up.
I hear him whisper:
— A delight...
For a girl like me who is a bit of an exhibitionist this situation where "I do not realize it but I am showing everything" is the best. I am having a whale of a time waitressing naked.
I get tips and compliments, but it’s really a tiring job.
I have to serve the tourists at the terrace and the local people at the bar.
Outside, there are children and it seems to me really indecent to be naked (and shaved) in front of them. Decidedly I do not have the "naturist mind-set" at all.
A little before midnight, the boss announces that we are about to close. Several patrons kiss me.
When everyone is gone, we still have to cash out and more importantly share the tips.
 We are three girls: Aicha, Helena and me. Naked, we are here sharing banknotes and coins. I think we're behaving like whores in a brothel. Except that it would be the Madame who would cash in.
The ratings of the restaurant are becoming higher and the girls get bigger tips, but mine are roughly the same. It's more than what the girl I replace used to make. No doubt she was picking up things on the ground with less... enthusiasm than me.
I yawn... I'm very tired...
We say our good nights and I go up with Aisha.
I do not remove my make-up and collapse straight on the bed.
Aicha joins me. It is very hot, her moist thigh is rubbing against mine. I'm falling asleep…
I dream... Chris is dressed in leather, she holds a whip and I put my lips on her boot whispering that I don’t mean to show my pussy.
The next day I am awakened by the sound of water.
Aicha rinses her face in the small sink.
I ask her:
— Hello Aicha, did you sleep well?
— Hi, yes thank you. You had a dream and you even spoke.
Ouch! I wonder what I did say. I am not asking the question, but she continues,
— You were talking about a harem and a whip.
— I was having a nightmare...probably.
— Probably yes. FYI, we do not wash ourselves here, now. After the cleaning, we will take a shower.
I ask her:
— Is it hard, the cleaning?
— It must be impeccable, Chris supervises and she knows how to be a bitch, as you saw.
Yes I saw…
We go downstairs naked. It feels weird to clean like that, but it's a very hot day and it's pointless to sweat in your clothes. And also, it's a naturist village.
She tells me:
"We're going to clean the toilets. I bet she’ll choose me… and you."
— Oh why?
— You, because you are new and me because the others don’t want to do it.
— It's not fair.
— No doubt, but hey...
She sighs and adds: what can you do?...

Chapter 3 - Chores

We fill buckets with soapy water and others with clear water. We also have brushes and tea towels. We cross the restaurant towards the toilet.
Did I say that my mother was a maid and that I had sworn never to do that? Well, that's it, no it's worse, because I am doing that completely naked!
I know why I have such a problem with what my mother does for a living. It is because it is too similar to some of my addictions, but it's obvious that being forced to clean the toilets by Chris feels weird.
As I walked, I said to Aisha:
— What a bitch, that Chris.
She sighs,
— It's not that simple... A month ago I asked her for a big favor and she helped me immediately.
The toilets consist of two toilets for women, two urinals and a toilet for men.
It does not smell good! A mix of old piss and cheap deodorant!
Aicha does not hang about, she washes with water, brushes, scrapers, rubs the walls and the tiles. We clean without gloves, even the toilet bowl. We do not have any, it must be said that with this heat it would be really hard.
Aicha tells me:
— It's nothing, it's done quickly. And then, tell yourself that it's only piss, shit and sometimes vomit.
I look at her, she gives me a big smile. Then we burst out laughing together! But yes, it's only shit, comrade!
Chris arrives and tells us:
"You seem to be having fun."
Aicha answers:
— I was saying to Eva, it's only piss, shit and vomit.
Chris smiles... quite an achievement.
We are in men toilets and I am on my knees, busy cleaning one of the toilet bowls.
She enters the toilet where I am and pushes me a little to sit.
She is naked, and I find myself between her legs. She then starts pissing! Her stream makes a nice sound of waterfall and I smell her odor. She looks at me with a smile and says:
— Aah... it feels good... I had to piss like a cow.
As she notices the strange look on my face she adds:
— Is this the first time you see a girl pissing?
—... uh... so close, yes.
"Well, that's what happens when you do toilet chores”.
She gets up, my face gets 20 cm from her pussy, and she leaves... without wiping herself.
Her lack of embarrassment and casualness are flabbergasting. She acts as naturally as if I were an object or a pet. I have understood that she likes to destabilize people.
After she leaves, Aicha says to me:
—You had to go out
— Yes, but…
— If you do not react firmly she is going to make your life miserable.
I don’t like the way she behaves... but also, it turns me on of course. Everything turns me on here. I could have done without that. I'm already excited to be naked and shaved. Simply looking but the rounded handle of the toilet brush I am holding gives me ideas
I must quickly find a man to calm me down, otherwise I will soon leave a trail behind me, like a nymphomaniac female snail going to a gang bang. Forget it! Just trying to let some steam off.
We work well... the toilets are spick and span.
We join the others to take a shower. It feels good.
At 11 am, I am clean and I feel good. I get dressed to go to work when, actually, I don’t have to wear anything. That's just crazy.
I go to the bar as it opens at 11 am.
Two or three customers are waiting on the terrace. It is strange that the local people do not stay on the terrace but come in. Tourists stay outside.
The people who are dressed go inside, those who are naked remain outside.
Word has spread that there is a new waitress and many are coming to get an eyeful. It always has the same effect on me.
Aicha covers for me when I eat a "pan bagnat". It's good, tomatoes have much more taste than in Paris.
People typically have a nap at the beginning of the afternoon and the place is deserted. Aicha comes to tell me:
— The boss wants you to go to his office to fill in the papers. And she finishes with a wink.
Message understood. Leon is not my type, of course, he is not very young, he could almost be my grandfather, he is big and not seductive at all. But, he has a cock and as I am caressing dreamily, the rounded handle of the brush of the cabinets, it is obvious that I need a man, quickly!
I come in his office. He tells me:
— You work well, I am hiring you. You have to fill out all these documents...
— If possible, I would prefer not, because...
He rolls his eyes up and says:
— I could be in trouble for that. If I take the risk you will have to be very nice.
— Yes Sir, that's fine.
He is surprised that I answer so quickly, he asks me:
— Did you understand what I mean?
— You mean, spend a little time under your desk. It's OK.
He gives me a big smile.
All right, it's Leon, but in the state I am in, a dog with a hat would do. It's an image! I'm not talking about a real dog at all. You cannot write anything nowadays.
— Well, well... You'll also have to be very nice to my stepdaughter. You saw that she takes care of many things and in addition she told me that she found you to her liking. She even said, "hot for her ".
Ouch! Bullseye right ... between my legs.
— Yes Sir, it’s not a problem either if I have to go underneath her desk.
Leon is a little lost by how obedient I am. He tells me:
— Go tell her that.
I go to the reception... Chris is there reviewing the accounts. I tell her:
"Excuse me, Miss, your stepfather asks that you go up. He will tell you why."
— Later.
— Please, it's for him to hire me.
She laughs and says:
"I know that my stepfather holds his "right to cuissage", but I do not see why he needs me. Normally, everything must happen between your mouth and his dick! Well I'll ask him.
We go up to the first, she in front and, oh, she no longer hides anything from me. As she goes up, her pussy gives me a wink. It's an image... though...
Leon is waiting for us and says:
— Come into the room.
We follow him.
She tells him:
— Since when do you need me to fuck a little slut?
He turns all red and says:
— Because... as you said, you'd like...
— Of course, I said, but I whistle and she runs. Is it not that you would want to see me with a girl?
— It's true... you're fine together.
Chris looks at me and says:
— You think we're assorted.
—… Yes Miss.
— Well, I'll try you.
She sits down in an armchair and places one of her heels on a small table.
With her finger she points to her pussy. Without wasting any time I kneel between her thighs. In this position, her pussy again pouting, a lip a little rolled up.
She says:
— First, kiss.
I cover her pussy with kisses I breathe her smell. She spreads her lips with two fingers. My mouth moves from her vagina to her clit.
She instructs me:
— Put your tongue in my vagina.
Ok... she tastes slightly bitter. I prefer the smell and the sour taste on the side of his meatus.
She says:
— My clit.
My technique must be good because soon I feel her thighs shudder. Then her pelvis rock slightly towards my tongue. I'm in control now. I suck her clitoris delicately, and she soon comes with my face pushed hard against her pussy. She didn’t say a word nor moan.
She pushes me back... and tells me:
— On all fours on the bed, forehead in hands and buttocks offered.
Oh yes!!
I immediately get in position and Leon comes behind me, his big cock pointing to my wet pussy.
To know what happens, buy the book, you will love it.
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